The calendar is a Filipino American  history collective of first-hand experiences  told by ling-standing families of the Pajaro  Valley. The calendar also includes vintage photos, local history  and moving poetry.


The calendar chronicles the rich and often forgotten history of the contributions, struggles and vitality of the early Filipino American heritage on  the Central Coast of California. The early Filipino pioneers known as the "Manong generation"  came to the US to supply cheap labor to the growing California agricultural business in the 10920's and 1030's. They were subjugated to prejudice, discrimination, labor exploitation, anti-miscegenation laws, anti- Asian land ownership laws and race riots. Previously, The Inited States hass colonized the Philippines after the Spanish American War and its citizens were declared nationals of American imperialism.

Proceeds generated from the calendar sale will help find and support the upcoming exhibit at the Watsonville Public Library from February 1 through March 31. Funds will also support an oral history archive

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The vibrant 2021 Watsonvile is in the Heart calendar features first-hand family histories, vintage photos and historical facts and experiences that depict the struggles and contributions of Thea ing generation in the Pajaro Valley.