Honoring and Preserving Our Roots

To preserve, honor and celebrate the rich Filipino immigrant experience in the Pajaro Valley of the Manong generation.

Educate and Raise Awareness

To educate and raise awareness of the plight, struggles,  vitality and contributions of the Manong generation who first settled into the Pajaro Valley in the early 1920s by highlighting and depicting their experiences by first-hand family accounts through photos, artifacts, articles and oral histories to be displayed for the broader community.

To host an exhibit at the Watsonville Public Library in early 2020 highlighting the early Filipino pioneers who came to the Pajaro Valley in the early 1900’s.


To reunite and unite the children of the Manong generation and their relatives to share their stories, photos and experiences that depict and captivate the rich immigrant experiences of their ancestors to the Pajaro Valley


To bring together and provoke inter-generational dialogue and communication amongst the Filipino community and invite other communities to learn and share in this rich heritage


To display a quality exhibit that will serve to empower and enhance the educational awareness of its observers and serve as a source of community pride by recognizing the Filipino immigrant experience; a crucial and important part of the Pajaro Valley and the fabric of American history and society at large.

Goals of the Project: