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Marcelino Bob Mariano left Tarlac, Philippines in his early teens to work the pineapple fields in Hilo, Hawaii. From there he immigrated to Los Angeles and found work in the restaurant business and became a short order cook.

After several years he was drafted and served in the First Filipino Infantry stationed in Fort Ord, Ca. and also Camp Roberts. It was at a Halloween party at Fort Ord that he met my Mother, Hazel. Her family had re-settled in Watsonville, Ca. from Oklahoma.They married in Nogales, Arizona as California prohibited inter-racial marriages at the time. Bob was then sent overseas stationed in New Guinea. He returned when I was 17 months old.

He like many other Filipinos at the time worked mostly in agriculture, who after many years were eventually replaced by Hispanic laborers. He became a crew boss and worked many years from El Centro, Brawley Ca. areas, to Phoenix Az. My Mother worked in the health care industry; she was very loving and nurturing.

Marcelino Bob and my Mother, were excited to realize the true American dream! They were able to purchase a brand new home, sent me to private school and to find a place in our community where they were very involved. From the Gran Oriente Filipino, The Watsonville Filipino Community where Marcelino was President from 1982-1985 and Hazel in the Filipino Womens Club . They retired and lived well into their 80's.

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