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Serbolo “Bolo” Tulay Ibao was born December 17, 1905 to Eusebia Tulay from Kayangwan, Makato and Crisanto Ibao from San Dimas, Malinao, Philippines. He arrived to the United States on April 22, 1929. Serbolo worked for farms throughout Gilroy and Watsonville. His final place of employment was Willoughby Farms in Watsonville.

Although “Bolo” only had a third grade education, he was assigned to tally the workers’ timecards. He was also tall for that time at 5’10” which made him a usual first pick for their volleyball games at the ranch. In his free time, he also enjoyed watching the rooster fights and fishing with his friends. He starting smoking at a very young age, so he was often seen smoking or with a pack of cigarettes in his front pocket. Bolo took to wearing a fedora hat which he sported while out. His family and friends remember his fondness for all animals and a quiet nature.

At the age of sixty he met the love of his life, Bernabela Irao, known as “Inday,” a newly arrived thirty year-old. Inday was the sister of Luisa—the wife of Johnny de los Reyes who was one of Bolo’s dearest friends. Bolo won a large amount of money in Reno. He and Inday were married shortly after. With his winnings, Bolo was able to fulfil his young wife’s her wish of owning property in the Philippines and helping their friends purchase their own properties in the Watsonville area.

Bolo and Inday had four children, Maria Jessebel, Edward, Joanne, and Janice, all of whom acquired his work ethic and pride in what they do. Bolo retired in the 1980s and moved back to the Philippines. He passed away peacefully at the age of 84 on February 3, 1990.

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