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Bonifacio Gamalog Haduca was born in Damacuag Santa Lucia Ilocos Sur, Philippines in 1911 and immigrated to the United States in the early 1930s to take up life as a farm laborer. He traveled around the Western states to take up whatever farm work was available.

He especially enjoyed his time in the Pajaro Valley where he declared: “This is the best place for me!” Anita Otero was born in New Mexico in 1924. She traveled to Watsonville in the 1940s on the advice of her sister who told her that there was plenty of work to satisfy her financial needs. Anita started working in the apple drying prior to transferring to the frozen food and local canneries for over 30 years.

Bonifacio and Anita met and married in 1950 and raised children together. Their children are MaryAnn, Felix, Robert, Boni Jr. Ted and PredySue. The family was involved in the vibrant Filipino community social activities and cultural events in the 1950s, '60s, and '70s. They resided in the Amesti area.

Mr. Haduca worked for many years at the Sears-Schuman Lettuce Co. He was a founding member of the Filipino Community Center of Watsonville and head cook at their annual chicken barbecue fundraiser. Mrs. Haduca worked at Frank Oliver and Son, a long-standing frozen food company specializing in frozen strawberry products. She worked as a floor supervisor. She was a member of the Watsonville Catholic Association.

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