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Paul Tabalan DeOcampo, AKA “Skippy” born August 17, 1909 in Santo Domingo Ilocos Sur Philippines. He migrated in 1928 following his brother Leon DeOcampo to the United States.

He worked in farming and settled in the Pajaro Valley with Leon Lazo, May Rosser & Cipriano Lazo at the Lazo-Rosser Ranch farming. He married Gloria Molina and they had 3 children-1958 Veronica Marie, 1960 Antoinette Yvonne and in 1967 Paul Phillip DeOcampo.


His hard work ethic was apparent and he was one of the first Filipino labor contractors in California. He built our home in Aromas where we grew up farming. He was head Forman for the Resetar, Sheehy and J.J. Crocetti Ranches. Well known in the community for his work with the Filipino Catholic Association and his work with the American Cancer Society at the Crosetti Ranch.

He loved his family and adored his grandchildren who all have fond memories of riding in his truck, tractors, and parties and barbeques at the Lazo Ranch. His picture is in the Smithsonian Museum representing Apple farmers of Pajaro Valley. Many Filipino’s took advantage of their time off surf fishing. Uncle Leon DeOcampo loved his fishing. He also farmed sugar peas here and in the Pismo Beach area where he settled with his wife Irene and daughter Lea in Arroyo Grande California

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