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Pacifico (Fred) Tabisola Tacardon was born 1906 in Sta. Domingo llocos Sur province of Luzon, Philippines. In 1927, he left the Philippines and arrived in Seattle, WA in June 1929. While in Seattle, he worked at the shipyards until his brother Crispin came from the Philippines in 1929.

Together they farmed on the land now called Woodland, WA. In 1940, Pacifico and his brother left Seattle and went to the San Joaquin Valley, where they worked in the produce industry until they moved again to the Pajaro Valley for work.

In 1944, Pacifico and his brother returned to Seattle, where he met and married his wife, Mable Clark, in 1945. They had one child Richard at that time. In 1946, Pacifico and Mable left Kirkland, WA with their son. They moved to the Pajaro Valley, where he began working in the produce industry with Gerald Sheehy and finally with J.J Crosetti. During this period, they settled in Watsonville, CA where they had two more children, Betty and Tommy. Pacifico also helped raise his stepdaughter Jean. Pacifico and his family were active in the Filipino community, and their children belonged to the Filipino Youth Group located on Merchant Street in the 1950s.

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