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Pacifico “Frank” Cabegon Carillo was born on September 6, 1909 in Binalonan, Pangasinan, Philippines. At 19, Frank migrated to the United States by steamship with his older brother, Petronilo “Pete” Carillo, and their cousins, Maximiliano “Max” and Felix Carillo. Along the way, Felix disembarked in Hawai‘i where he married and eventually raised a family of twenty-one children.

When Frank, Pete, and Max arrived in the US, they worked cutting lettuce in the fields of California and Arizona. In Watsonville he was present during the deadly Anti-Filipino 1930 Watsonville race Riots. He experienced discrimination surrounding interracial relationships. Despite this, in 1941 Frank married an American woman named Ethel Fouts (née Patheal). They had three children, Frances Colmenero, Pacifico “Maurice” Carrillo, and James Alvin Carrillo. In 1944, Ethel left Frank, taking her daughter Frances with her. Frank became a single father and worked with his two sons in the fields throughout central California. Frank’s brothers and other Filipino families also helped to raise the young boys. They viewed the other Manongs as family.

In 1952, Frank met and married Louella Carter. They all lived in family housing provided by employers until they were able to settle in Pajaro. Louella was a stepmother to Maurice and James. She also took in three other mixed-race, Filipino children from broken families—Tony Alquiza Jr., Sharron Carrancho, and Suzzane Carrancho. The family was active in the Filipino Community, attending many social events and dances. Frank was also a dedicated member of Caballeros de Dimas-Alang. Unfortunately, Frank and Louella separated in 1959. Eventually, James moved to Phoenix and married Diana Daro. The couple had three children and later settled in Salinas. Maurice moved to Santa Cruz and married Sergia (née Soria). Maurice and Sergia also had three children. Frank’s daughter, Frances, married Philip Colmenero in Fresno. They had two children.

At 67, Frank traveled to his birthplace and met 25- year-old Dominga Casabar. In 1976, Frank married Dominga and brought her to Santa Cruz. The couple had two children, Jerilyn and John Carillo. In 1980, Frank and Dominga became US citizens. Frank passed away in Watsonville at eighty years old.

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